Asesores Fiscales Málaga

VAUDIT professionals offer comprehensive advice for all your tax needs, both business and personal area. We can also offer a highly qualified service in the labor area firms, that will fit the needs of each and answer personalized to the characteristics of each without having to adapt to a standard service.


1. Tax Advice:

For both individuals and corporations including the following statements:

  • Quarterly VAT returns
  • Quarterly Statements of Income Tax
  • Annual return of income tax for both residents and the residents.
  • Instalments Company
  • Annual Statement of Income tax
  • Annual Information Statement relations with third parties .
  • Master File o Local File . Transfer Pricing

2. Accounting Advice:

  • Reception, verification and review of invoices issued and received by the company to establish its suitability with current legislation.
  • Compliance with the accounting requirements of the mandatory books of society under the General Plan of Accounting.
  • Reporting of balances, operating accounts and other relevant and useful for the good management of the company.
  • Production of certificate of approval of the annual accounts and their presentation in the Commercial Register.
  • Development of the official books which establishes the General Accounting Plan for their annual presentation.

3. Labor Advisory:

  • Advice on drafting contracts and official registration.
  • Social Security both individuals and corporations
  • Payroll Processing
  • Inspections of work and Social Security
  • Labor audits
  • Improvement Study on cost applicable to bonuses