Tax advice

Tax Advice

The changing current tax, with multiple reforms, create a social framework that requires continuous training, and refresher, and a continuous source of information for companies to adapt to new conditions.

Therefore, work to provide that service and information update, offering an updated tax advice covering a range of services.

  • Advice and tax information by posting on this website with the latest news.
  • Advice and phone and by e-mail to companies in their daily management both administrative and professional.
  • Representation of individual companies or companies with government agencies if inspections, requirements, review by the Tax Office and the presentation and monitor the resources necessary.
  • Calculation, settlement, processing and review of the different tax liabilities of the company, both monthly, quarterly or anuales.Revisión of business taxation, with corrections as necesarias.Estudio, calculation, settlement and processing of annual income tax settlements, Heritage and nonresidents.
  • Any other type of actions produce revenue that the company required.
  • Creating new partnerships, from the application of the name to start-funcionamiento.Asesoramiento in buying, mergers and divisions of companies, and the valuation of these.

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