Accounting Advice

Accounting Advice

The accounting obligations of the various commercial and individual companies, are so different, requiring different treatment and specialized.

We offer a personalized service tailored, both obligations required by law, as the needs of each company. Therefore, offer recording of income and expenses for self-employed who have no obligation to keep accounts in accordance with the General Accounting Plan, Accountancy and Finance, Cost accounts, Statement Analysis and Financial Statements and formalization of obligations to Official Bodies.

  • Registration autonomous Income and Expenses for not requiring formal accounting.

  • Financial accounting for companies that require compliance with the obligations mark them by law.
  • Cost Accounting for companies wishing more information about the course of business and need to control the various branches of its activity.
  • Financial Statement Analysis, Balances and periodic reports on activity status.
  • Revision, correction and reconstruction of defective or inexistentes.Elaboración accounting and presentation of Bookkeeping and Financial Statements with the Mercantile Registry.
  • Online Accounting, by receiving invoices via e-mail.

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