Audit and Review

VAUDIT offers its customers various services audit, assurance and review.

Some of the services we can offer are: mandatory audits, voluntary audits, internal audits, special reports, reviews and nonprofit entities or communities of owners, among other works of auditor


1. Assurance:

Check and determine if such financial statements give a true and fair view of the assets and financial position of the audited entity, and the results of operations in accordance with accounting principles and standards generally accepted in Spain.

2. Mercantile Special Reports:

The revised text of the Corporations Act includes other work to be performed by the Auditor.

3. Public Sector Auditing:

Public Administration is one of the main sectors in which our company operates, our mission is to develop audit reports for public bodies and work closely with the corresponding Public Oversight Bodies.

4. Audit of Grants:

We specialize in reviewing the accounts evidencing grants, which require performance by a registered auditor of accounts ROAC, in order to check the costs and expenses incurred in the same.

5. Other jobs of auditor

Due to the current situation in the country, understand that we can offer our customers added value to other types of work to be performed by an official auditor of accounts.

Within this context, conduct an investigation and analysis, count, comparisons, reviews the accuracy of items and amounts, observation, inspection and obtaining confirmations, inter alia, in order to conclude facts we can agree on and that allows our customers an adequate decision-making.

6. Outsourcing Profesional

We will conduct fieldwork, and prepare draft audit reports, financial and / or accounting required for taking better decisions. We can offer a time saving, labor costs and quality information that will enhance the development of the work of their clients.