Legal consulting


1. Volunteer Application Contest Creditors

Our job is to prepare the report explaining the Creditor's, according, to that required by the Art. 6 Act 22/2003, of 9 July, Insolvency, addition to conducting a Payment Plan and Feasibility Plan to underpin economic and financial viability of the company and negotiating with creditors.

2. Acting as Insolvency Manager in legal proceedings

Our Firm is a member of the Register of Legal Auditors (RAJ) and is listed on Turn of Professional Conduct (TAP) Economists' Association to meet the demands of professional work in the field of judicial proceedings, forensic or auditing.

3.- Collaboration with other professionals in bankruptcy

We offer our advice and support services to professionals that require wide pre-insolvency phase and bankruptcy.


1. Mediation in civil and commercial matters

Mediation in civil and commercial matters has been the subject of recent regulation in Spain, in Law 5/2012 of 6 July, mediation in civil and commercial matters. In this regard, bring dispute settlement, whatever their denomination, where two or more parties attempt by themselves voluntarily reach an agreement with the intervention of a mediator.

2. Bankruptcy Mediation. Settlement payments to suppliers.

There are legal alternatives to bankruptcy that achieve refinancing agreements and / or debt restructuring in order to overcome the state of insolvency and, thereby, duty to seek bankruptcy. We offer our consulting services in the pre-bankruptcy, through the establishment of a refinancing plan that fits the structure and organization of our clients business.


1. Damages - Loss of profit

We conduct reports to believe, by our technical means, more than likely benefit forgone, "Quantum" of lost profits, by the injured, for it to contribute it as evidence in court proceedings.

2. Litigation against financial institutions

In line with the above, elaborate economic valuation reports claim amounts to banks and the establishment of unfair terms in contracts signed, such as ground clauses, kickbacks or unfavorable conditions in preferred or swap.

3. Valuation of Shares / Shares

We analyze all available information in the market about a particular company, to obtain its value, and so making an investment recommendation or selling to our customers.

4. Other special reports on financial statements and accounting

Any other economic and financial report to be contributed as evidence in legal proceedings.